Effective Loan Letter For a Bank Loan

Drafting a loan letter for a bank loan is generally not given that importance; however, it is one of the important steps of the loan process. The bank loan letter is best used before or during the application decision process, but it can’t be used to try to overturn a denial. The loan letter to a bank works best for those lenders who have personal interest in your financial future, such as your bank or credit union.

These days there is more importance of writing an effective bank loan letter because of the recent credit crunch due to recession. Getting a loan approved from bank can be quite difficult particularly as there are many people burdened with bad credit scores and jobless. However, there are still some financial institutions which are offering loans and the best way of securing a loan is to send a request letter for a bank loan to the bank. In order to have best chance of getting a loan approved, you need to do your homework well. Ensure that you put together a well written, easy to read bank loan letter which conveys the bank with all the required information to assess your request. Given below are some of tips which will surely help you in writing an effective loan letter to a bank.

How to write a loan letter for a bank loan?

You should ensure that the bank loan letter contains all the fair information. There should not be any thing which can put someone off and it should be clear so that it is easily readable. You should type the loan letter to a bank on a computer system using standard fonts and formatting style. Then you should get a print out copy of this letter as printed copy looks professional. Also, make sure that spelling and grammar is correct. Make use of a spell checker in case you are writing letter for a bank loan using a compute. In the end, read through carefully what you have written. The letter must be formal in nature and come across as business like.

The loan letter for a bank loan needs to have the following information specified in it:

• Your Complete Name
• Your Complete Address
• Your Contact Number
• Details of Your Job/Profession/Business
• You’re Age. The important point here to mention is that you need to be 18 years old for a loan in most of the countries around the world.
• Details of your Monthly Income
• Your Monthly Expenditures
• The amount of money you are looking to borrow. It is advised that you quote a realistic amount.
• What level of monthly payments you can afford pay back as installments. It is recommended that you specify the right amount which you can actually pay back per month.
• In case you have a bad credit rating, you should not try and hide this face from the bank. You should just explain the situation rationally; say why you have a bad credit rating and ideally what action you are taking to resolve it.

It is a good idea to send the bank loan letter to the bank through the registered mail and to get a receipt of delivery when it reaches the bank. Otherwise you can also call the department you sent the letter to the next business day to ensure it was received. Write a thank-you letter if you get the loan, or a reconsideration letter emphasizing any special circumstances if your application receives a denial.


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