Types Of Bank Loans

These days banks offer various types of bank loans to loan seekers, especially those having a good track record of repaying their bills and a stable job get these loans passed easily. You need to have proof of your identity and income to get bank loans and certain bank loan types may also require collateral such as a car or home equity loan. Given below are some of guidelines which will help you to choose from the best types of bank loans possible for your situation from different bank loans options available.

The first important thing is to make sure you know what the different types of bank loans are. There is a difference between any two kinds of bank loans. For example, there is a difference between secured and unsecured bank loan types.

Personal Bank Loans

These are the kinds of bank loans which are provided to an individual, rather than to a group or business. The personal bank loans are further divided into many different categories like secured and unsecured loans.

Unsecured Personal Loans

These types of bank loans allow a borrower to get a check or cash and pay it back in fixed installments over a certain fixed period of time. In unsecured personal loans, no specific loan purpose is required. However, it is far less common for a bank to provide an individual an unsecured bank loan types. The unsecured personal loans are like a credit card. Nothing is placed as a security for the loan. The borrower simply gives his word to the bank that he will pay the loan back in the terms agreed upon. In case the loan is not paid back, the bank gets nothing. The rate of interest unsecured loans is usually quite a bit higher than secured loans, so the bank ensures they get their money early in case the borrower gets fail to pay back the loan.

Secured Personal Loans

The secured personal loans issue cash or a check to the loan seeker. The loan seeker has to provide the bank with interest in collateral such as a savings account or a property in case the loan doesn’t get repaid. These kinds of bank loans are the most common personal bank loan types which are offered by the banks. These are the types of bank loan types which have some sort of possession put up as security for the loan. In other words, if you are not able to pay back your loan according to the set agreement, the bank has a right to repossess whatever you put up for the loan. Borrowing against the equity in your home is an example of a secured loan. Your home because the security for the loan amount, and if you do not pay back your loan on time, the bank could repossess your home.

Auto Loans

In general, almost all kinds of banks provide these auto loans for purchasing new and used vehicles and for repair of older ones. The consumer has to pay back for it on the basis of monthly installments otherwise the vehicle or the car is repossessed by the banks.

Mortgage Loans

These types of bank loans allow the loan recipients to live in a home while paying it off over time. Usually, a down payment of five percent to twenty percent is required to get the loan approved and the house is seized in foreclosure if payments are not made.

Computer Loans

One of the different bank loans types are computer loans. There are many banks which offer loans to purchase new computers from major companies. The loan check is given to the computer company, and the borrower chooses goods as approved and then makes payments.

Investment Bank Loan

These kinds of bank loans are usually taken to make a comparatively bigger major purchase, such as your mortgage. These kinds of bank loans need credit checks which are rigorous because of the large amount of money involved. These are also considered as secured loans because if you do not pay them back, the offshore bank accounts can sell off your investment to earn the money you owe them.


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